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Human Resource Director Worship Leader - ProvidenceMen's Pastor


Human Resource Director

We are currently seeking a Full Time Human Resources Director to support the staff of Canyon Ridge.  Our candidate must have previous HR background and be a member and/or regular attender of Canyon Ridge Christian Church. 

Title: HR Director

The Human Resources Director serves the staff of Canyon Ridge Christian Church by administering processes that recruit, on-board, resource and develop employees that are committed to our mission and live out our values in their staff roles, and provide for staff compensation, benefits and legal requirements with moral and ethical integrity.
  1. (60 days) Gain a working knowledge of Worker's Compensation, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, disability insurance,    403b process and accounts, and housing allowance processes for all staff members.
2. (60 Days) Gain a working knowledge of Staff Evaluations through One Note process, manage staff accountability for filling out monthly conversation documents, and report on compliance to Executive Pastor.
3. (6 months) Work with the Executive Pastor to develop and implement a new employee review system that includes monthly conversations, measurement of objectives and goals, and informs merit bonuses and salary increases.
4. (6 months) Work with the Executive Pastor and Hiring Managers to hit all hiring deadlines by scheduling recruiting, interviewing and hiring for all positions that are currently open for hire. (16  positions, from now through June 1)
5. (Immediate/Ongoing) Maximize the use of the HR support budget that includes but is not limited to moneys for relocation, recruitment, and continuing education to facilitate hiring processes for all open positions.
6. (Immediate/Ongoing) Insure 100% execution of payroll processes in partnership with the Controller.
7. (Immediate/Ongoing) Review and update the Employee Handbook to be 100% compliant with State and Federal fair employment laws, and to be current with CRCC policies and practices including but not limited to Ops Team, Safety Team and Elders policies and practices.
8. (Immediate/Ongoing) Under the direction of the Executive Pastor, serve on the Personnel Team, preparing materials and contributing information and expertise necessary for the discussion and approval of HR policies and practices.
9. (Immediate/Ongoing) Maintain accurate salary and benefit figures and information to support the Executive Pastor in the management of the Personnel Budget.
10. (6 months) Work with the Executive Pastor to develop and execute a new staff on-boarding process that produces 95%+ scores on engagement evaluations from staff in their first 6 months of employment.
11. (12 months/Ongoing) Work with the Executive Pastor to develop and execute a staff engagement plan that produces 4.00+ scores on the Best Christian Workplaces  staff engagement survey each year.
12. (immediate/Ongoing) Maintain at least 2 -3 hours every week (and as needed) to meet with staff members for questions, coaching and problem solving. Develop a relationship with staff that is characterized by approachability, trust, wise counsel, and encouragement to live out the values of CRCC.
Competency Profile:
  "Must Have" skills, experience, leadership capacity:
• Professional experience with HR policy, Salary and Benefit regulations and processes.
• Accurate and punctual in their work.
• Proactive. Sees what needs to be done and takes initiative
• Collaborative leadership. Works with high level leaders and teams
• Global perspective - sees and contributes to the needs of the whole church
• Can both agree with and contribute to our ministry philosophy and vision direction.
  "Must Have" character traits, relational skills, spiritual leadership:
• Coachable and approachable. People are drawn to them. Welcoming of feedback from other leaders. Can bring calm and perspective.
• Loves people and invests in their spiritual development.
• Highest level of confidentiality and integrity. Trustworthy.
• Can champion our culture and values. Can't be playing catch up.
• Listens and communicates well.
• Specific calling to Canyon Ridge.
 Our candidate must have a minimum 5 years HR background.  Preference will be given to candidates with generalist experience. 

Please send resume to afleming@canyonridge.org with a letter of intent with why you feel you're a good fit for this position. 


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Worship Leader - Providence

Mission - The Providence Worship leader will lead with excellence and humility at the Providence site in an effort to create an engaging worship experience that brings life to everyone who attends. This person will serve on the Canyon Ridge Global Worship Team; bringing ideas, life, creativity, and at least one specialized skill set to the team as the whole.

Outcomes -
1. (First 3 months) Build relationships and credibility with  current volunteers and staff on both our Providence teams and weekend experience teams. Create a culture where volunteers feel valued outside of rehearsal/serving times. 
This includes, but is not limited to, striving to develop and deepen relationships by spending time with people outside of church/rehearsals.
2. (First 3 months) While learning and adapting to the current structure of our weekend teams, begin to identitify ways to strengthen and further develop our processes – with specific attention given to Providence. 
3. (First 3 months) Recruit and develop site specific musicians and vocalists. Goal should be at least 1 new volunteer a month. 
4. (Immediate Expectation) Create meaningful and engaging  worship services that have appropriate flow, transitions, ministry moments and creative elements that bring life to Providence.  Maximize the collaboration of the global weekend experience team, and campus pastor. 
5. (Immediate Expectation) Produce and oversee well thought out and communicated rehearsals/schedules for Providence band/vocalists. 
6. (Immediate Expectation) Create and provide resources for volunteers that will help them prepare effectively for rehearsals and the weekend. Including Charts, Mp3s, rehearsal tracks. Empower their teams to lead with confidence and strength each weekend.
7. (3 months) Oversee & steward campus worship resources by maintaining & purchasing equipment, managing budget, and supplies.
8. (Within first 6 months) Oversee and manage production staff and volunteers, increasing those teams by 40% (lighting, sound, CG and set up).
9. (Immediate Expectation) Provide fresh, creative ideas for global weekend experiences.
10. (Immediate Expectation) Attend and help contribute to Providence leadership team meetings. 

Competencies -
 • A knowledge of music and a passion for worship is required. An awareness of current worship music is important and a desire to teach/lead songs that reflect the voice of Providence/Canyon Ridge is imperative.
• Can lead effectively/confidently from an instrument. (More than one is desirable.)
• Must love people and have a heart for developing people: Musically, Personally, Spiritually
• Comfortable leading both musician and production teams.
• Strong interpersonal skills and ability to create/communicate vision.
• First one in, last one out.
• Big picture thinker, but also good with details
• This person should be growing in his/her walk with Christ and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
• Spiritual health is a must for this role and will not be sacrificed.
 • This person should be a forward thinker with a pro-active mindset.
• This person is coachable, willing to be led.
• Must be have a desire to keep learning.

Qualifications -
Our candidate will have 3-5 years’  of experience leading worship.  Must also be a proactive leader of leaders, with the ability to build teams, make disciples and follow the servant leader model of leadership. We are looking for a creative person, who will bring new life and ideas to our team.  Our candidate will be coachable and welcome feedback from other leaders. 

If you would like to apply for this position please send your resume to afleming@canyonridge.org with worship samples.

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Men's Pastor

“This is a position on the Groups Team, with an emphasis on connecting men and making disciples. Must have 5 years experience leading a groups ministry. BA degree preferred.

To develop and bring life and leadership to an expanding network of Men’s Life Groups.


1. In the first 30 days:  Familiarize yourself with the structure of the Groups ministry.
2. In the first 30 days:  Familiarize yourself with our Men’s ministry leaders (Coaches and Men’s Group Director, Wild at Heart, Men’s Breakfast, etc.).
3. In the first 60 days:  Work with the Communities Pastor to develop a 12-month calendar of next steps for every Ridger and first steps for their friends.
4. In the first 60 days:  Work with the existing men’s leadership teams, exploring ways to help them accomplish their goals and make their events better.
5. In the first year:  Identify and recruit a growing team of Coaches sufficient to provide care for every Life Group Leader in your affinity (ie., 1 to 5).
6. In the first year:  Work with the Communities Pastor to launch and sustain an additional 50 Men’s Life Groups.
7. In the first year:  Collaborate with the rest of the Groups Team to imagine and develop strategies and initiatives that inspire a growing number of men and women to bring a friend, choose community, make a difference, and give generously.

“Must Have” skills, experience, leadership capacity:
• Leader of leaders.
• History of building, organizing, envisioning, and releasing teams.
• Proactive.  Sees what needs to be done and takes initiative.
• Collaborative leadership.  Works with leaders and teams in other areas.
• Global perspective – sees and contributes to the needs of the whole church, not just their area.
• Can both agree with and contribute to our ministry philosophy and vision direction.

“Must Have” Character traits, relational skills, spiritual leadership
• Coachable and approachable.  People are drawn to him.  Welcoming of feedback from other leaders.
• Loves people and invests in their spiritual development.
• History of making disciples (not just team members).
• Can champion our culture and values.  Can’t be playing catch up.
• History of the servant leader model of leadership.
• Specific calling to Canyon Ridge.

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