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“God First” Men

The men at Canyon Ridge believe that “Seeking God First” is the answer to every question, and the fulfillment of every dream. Our commitment is to continue the establishment of a community where men can be challenged, encouraged, and equipped for their daily pursuit of the Lord Jesus Christ and His will for them. Please join us as we stand together, face to face, shoulder to shoulder and back to back, ready for anything and everything that would seek to hinder us from this “PATH”.

Men’s Breakfast

Men’s Breakfast is a great time of fellowship, teaching and worship. To find out more about the breakfasts, watch for events on the right side of this page.


Bible studies and community groups are available almost everyday of the week for men, and new ones are starting all the time. We believe that groups are the best place for us to be “safe and growing”. I know how hard it is for us to “risk it” but, isn’t it about time? We all really want this life to count, so let’s get over our fears and get connected with other men who want to put God First in their lives. You'll make new friends who will help you grow and live the life you really want.

Let us assist you in matching your interests and needs with a small group that is convenient to your location and availability.

If you are searching for spiritual growth, fellowship, Bible study, support, opportunities to serve, or just looking to hang out with other Christian men, take the first step. You can find out opportunities to connect into Men’s groups at There you will be able to sign up for one of the Men’s connecting Events.