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We Love Families

At Canyon Ridge, we love families! We believe they are the most basic and significant social structure in the world. Nothing more shapes a culture (small cultures like the church, and larger cultures like the world at large) than the health of the families in it. Because of this, we’re intentional about empowering families here at the Ridge.

This idea isn’t original with us, though. It’s been God’s plan to empower and nurture families since He established and blessed the first family, Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden. Throughout the Bible, God is at work shaping the world through families – broken and dysfunctional families!

The church, in fact, is HIS family! Each of us in the church is related to every other member by virtue of our adoption into His family, at the cost of the blood of Jesus. There’s an old saying that goes, “If God is your Father, then I’m your sibling.” It’s absolutely true.

Our vision is that every family in the Canyon Ridge Family will build a home of grace, where people are loved, nurtured and developed to become all God has in mind for them to be.

Our mission is to partner with parents to provide support, encouragement and education for families in every season and stage of their development.

Keep clicking through our pages to see how we can help you stay on track with what is easily the most difficult and challenging job in all the world: loving and leading your family!

What we Offer


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