Volunteering @ Lone Mountain

Below are a number of broad categories with some possible serving opportunities listed under each one. We want to help you find the best spot for you and your gifting. In all areas, we will offer training. Further down is a form to use to indicate your area of interest.

Prayerfully consider these possible areas of service to discuss when you are contacted.

Items bolded are Critical opportunities

I want to Serve with Adults before/after services

  • Communion Prep and Clean-up after 11a
  • Greeters- Inside/Outside
  • Prayer Team
  • Base Camp Family Welcome Team
  • Baptism Assistants
  • Corner Host
  • NEXT Serving Team
  • Bookstore Team
  • Coffee Team
  • Set-up/Tear Down - Cent Hills and Prov Campuses

I want to serve with Adults during service

  • Production Teams (lyrics, cameras, lighting, audio, stage manager- will train) Main Auditorium, Cent Hills and Providence Sites
  • Worship Team- Vocals and Band (Auditions Required)
  • Data Base Team
  • Safety Team
  • Bookstore Assistant
  • Communion/Offering Servers

I want to serve with Adults during the Week (or weekends/not service times)

  • Campus Maintenance (may include painting, landscaping, changing lightbulbs, riding "Zamboni-like" machine to clean sidewalks, vehicle maintenance, etc.).
  • Data Base Team
  • Wedding Team
  • Funeral Team
  • Hospital Care Team
  • Prayer Team
  • Marriage Mentors
  • Single Life events and activities

I want to serve with Adults for Special Events (one time serve)

  • Christmas
  • Easter

I want to serve with Kids

  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Tech/On-Stage Host (Preschool/Elementary)
  • Children's Curriculum Prep Team
  • Students (MS/HS) Band/Vocal/Tech Team (Lone Mtn)
  • Family Greeters or Kids Check-in

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