Build Your Own Experience

If you have a passion in an area, or are aware of a need in your community that is not on our project list, you can Build Your Own Experience. Build Your Own means that you will organize everything needed to carry out your service opportunity, and just let us know what you’ve organized. It’s an opportunity for you to get some friends or family together to meet a need, and you handle all the details. Simply fill out the form so we have information on what you’ll be doing. Though Canyon Ridge is not planning your Build Your Own Experience, we’d like to be aware so we can cheer you on.

Tips for Build Your Own Experience

  • Laundry Love
    Laundry Love is a neighboring movement that partners with groups, schools and local laundromats to care for the low-income families and individuals. We believe that through the neutral space of a laundromat, every guest and stranger can become a friend. So grab a few people some quarters, soap, love and head down to a local laundry mat and put some quarters in some machines and some love into someone’s life. This is all about letting people know they are not alone, loved and cared about.

  • Prayer Walk
    You can prayer walk a neighborhood, your kids school or a local business.

  • Help A Neighbor
    You may want to identify a person in your neighborhood that could use some help. Help with their yard, painting or just some simple TLC.

  • Give Water and Snacks to Day Laborers or Construction Workers
    Give water and snacks to day laborers or construction workers.  Ask how you can pray for them.  Participants bring water and snacks, and select their location.

  • Assisted Living
    Visit residents at an assisted living facility of your choice.  Participants bring a book, nail polish, an instrument, or anything you would like to share with the residents.  Be sure to call ahead to get permission.

  • Serve the City by Cleaning Vacant Lots, Cleaning Graffiti, or Painting Curbs
    Contact Clark County Public Response office at (702) 455-4191

  • Participate in a local 5K Race/Walk Benefiting a Local Charity or Organization
    There are many 5K Races in the area that benefit great causes and they are looking for participants and/or volunteers for the race/walk.
    One happening on October 20 is the A21 Walk for Freedom, a global fundraising and awareness event that is an outward expression of inward desire to see slavery completely abolished.  Note many have entry fees depending on your participation level.

And no matter where you serve for a Build Your Own Experience, do not forget to wear your Bring Life Serve Day T-Shirt.

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