Vocal Auditions for Worship Team

I wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for taking a step forward in the process to become a part of our Weekend Experience team. We are looking for people who have a heart for worship and want to make an impact for Him through this ministry. Because of the size of our church and the interest level in this ministry, we have an audition process that you will need to take part in. We understand that auditions can feel intimidating and awkward at times, but we will do everything we can to help you feel as confident and comfortable as possible.

Before the audition, we need you to fill out the Vocal Team application below. Please give us as many details as you can and answer as sincerely as possible. After you submit your application, you will receive an email from Lee Lovett at Canyon Ridge. She will give you an invitation to join Planning Center which is the way we communicate with our Worship Team Volunteers.

Once you join Planning Center, there will be two songs for you to download that you need to learn. We learn everything by ear (no music.) So you will have lyrics, and an mp3 to listen to. We need you to learn both the melody and a harmony part, and come to the auditions prepared.

When you audition, you will be in a room with several of our worship leaders. We will sit around the piano, listen to you sing, and also sing along with you (when it comes to the harmony portion of the audition). While we are not looking for perfection, we are looking for a certain level of excellence. After your audition, the team will make a decision on what the next step for you will be. Please be aware that no one person makes the decision. As a team, we will take in to account the need we have on our current teams, giftedness, and chemistry/compatibility.

Following the auditions, we will contact everyone to let them know what their next step will be. If we want to pursue the next phase of this process with you, we will invite you back to sing a solo on stage in the auditorium. If there is not a place for you at this time, we will offer constructive feedback on your audition. This is valuable information if you would like to work towards auditioning again in the future.

For those who are invited back to sing a solo, the information/expectations will be given to you when you receive the invitation to return. Our final phase is an interview. This is when we take time to get to know you better. Our hope through the interview is that we will find people who have great character, a humble spirit, and a desire to grow even deeper with the Lord as they lead others to Him through their worship.

We wish that there was a position for everyone, but unfortunately there is not. If you begin this process and are not passed onto the next phase, don’t be discouraged. I understand that it never feels good to hear a “no.” So throughout this process, I encourage you to pray and ask God to guard your heart. The enemy will use any tool he can to tear us down, especially in this ministry, so ask God for His protection. He wants the best for you and so do we. It is our prayer that if this is not the ministry for you, God will direct you to place where you will have an even greater impact.

As you begin this process, know that we are praying for you and are excited to soon meet you! If you have any questions between now and your audition, feel free to contact us.

I hope between now and then, these songs become more than notes or words on a page. I pray they become your truths, and resonate deep within your heart. If that happens, your audition will be just an outpouring of worship…and there is nothing greater than that.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Kristi Templeton, Worship Leader/ Vocal Director

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