14 Days of Prayer, Beginning Sept. 24, 2018

Prayer reflects our trust in God. Prayer reminds us that God is in control. Prayer has always been the bedrock from which Canyon Ridge has taken steps towards the future. From that first weekend service in 1993, to the first footsteps on this property, to the first moments on any of our new campuses, prayer has been at the center of it all. For several years now, our leadership, staff, congregation, and friends have been praying for this next season at our church. A season of transition and succession. While all of us have been praying and anticipating what God will continue to do through us, we’re focusing the next 14 days in an all-church effort to pray together.

Will you commit to taking a few moments each day, over the next 14 days and lift our church up in prayer? We’ll offer up thoughts and guidance through our Instagram and social media channels on how you can specifically pray, knowing that your prayers are going up in concert with your family here at Canyon Ridge. Let’s unite together in our conversations with God as we look forward to what He will accomplish next.

Sept 24 Day 1 – Pray for these next 14 days.. that lead up to one of the most significant moments in the life of our church.

Sept 25 Day 2 – Good Friends

Sept 26 Day 3 - Good Strengths

Sept 27 Day 4 – Good Connections

Sept 28 Day 5 – Good Resources

Sept 29 Day 6 – Students/Next Gen

Sept 30 Day 7 – Worship

Oct 1 Day 8 – Pray for our City.. today marks the 1 year anniversary of 1 October

Oct 2 Day 9 - Momentum for our Church

Oct 3 Day 10 - Mission of The Ridge

Oct 4 Day 11- Clarity

Oct 5 Day 12- Pray for Kevin & Ginger Odor

Oct 6 Day 13- Pray For Drew & Layne Moore and their family

Oct 7 Day 14- The future of our church.


We are encouraged to be able to pray for you. Please enter your prayer request below. Our prayer team will then pray for your request.

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